May 27, 2023

Life-saving medical supplies for soldiers’ first aid kits arrived in Ukraine and soon will be delivered to front lines! Special thanks to Tetyana Neeley!

Details are in Sasha Krushevskaya’s report: “Thank you team United Help Ukraine and patriots from the United States for your continued support. Currently, this medicine is very important on the front lines and is a must to have in every soldier’s first aid kit. It is even more important for paramedics.
Tomorrow, 50 Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT) will already be sent to the East. The rest of the medicine will be delivered to our soldiers either by mail or by volunteers.

Suture materіal
Israeli Bandages
QuikClot Bandages
Combat Application Tourniquets
Occlusive wound dressing
Syringes and needles
Scalpels and blades
Ligation materіal.
And a lot of other essential things.

We are waiting for photo reports from the soldiers.
People, thank you very much!”