Containers with Medical Supplies shipped to Ukraine (video)

Thanks to Brother’s Brother Foundation, United Help Ukraine shipped two containers of medical supplies to Ukraine!

In the period from November 2015, United Help Ukraine shipped 2 containers of medical supplies estimated value of $250,000 each. The supplies were donated by the Brother’s Brother Foundation and were distributed to various hospitals in Ukraine, with a special focus on hospitals close to the front lines. United Help Ukraine covered shipping and processing cost. UHU is extremely lucky to have Tetyana Neeley in our team. Tetyana put countless hours to gathering donations and overcoming challenges presented by shipping the containers across the ocean, and with overseeing distribution of supplies in Ukraine.



The medical supplies are very welcome and quickly put to good at a variety of facilities.


Utilizing shipping containers allows us to send large items like wheelchairs and walkers…


…which are desperately needed in Ukraine