June 1, 2023

“Some time ago (in February or March), we received a call from Oksana Osipova who told us about the opportunity of providing a humanitarian help to our hospitals via United Help Ukraine. Since the rules stipulate that the military hospitals cannot be recipients of this sort of help, we decided to contact the municipal hospital burn unit that serves the entire region (oblast). Upon hearing about this opportunity, the administration of the hospital’s burn unit engaged in the project. Thanks to the thorough work and commitment of all the involved parties, by April we were able to receive the shipment. The shipment included bandages, a variety of patches, and other consumables. Everything was put to use immediately. I know that, at the time, our Mykolayiv hospital was not the only one who had received similar help from this group of patriots, and I know the completion of such a project involved a lot of effort and great love for Ukraine. Thank you a thousand times for all you do!”