June 1, 2023

(or how a group of veterans and their families spent vacation in the Carpathians)

Far, far away from the United States of America, somewhere in the blessed land of Ukraine, in the midst of the eternal Carpathians, at the foot of the legendary Hoverla mountain, at the altitude of some 1300 meters above the sea level, stands the recreation center by the name of Zaroslyak…

Right before New Year’s Eve, several lovely families arrived there…These are the families of courageous defenders of their native land, the families of the veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian War.They came here for the family vacation and to take a short yet very effective course of the psychological and physical family rehabilitation.

The recreation center Zaroslyak offers you complete liberation from the nets of civilization!

NO cell phones! NO internet connection! NO television!

You are only with your family and friends! Only your family and the Carpathians…

They came here to be back home from the war, at last…

<More on Winter’s Tale, including pictures, is here>


We, the participants of the Winter’s Tale Carpathians express our sincere gratitude to United Help Ukraine for the opportunity to forget about everything and fully devote ourselves to our family and friends, for the first time since the war started. It was really a fairy tale under the care of magicians Vsevolod and Catherine, whose determination, energy, love, and professional expertise helped us to achieve the truly peaceful set of mind. We now look forward to the summer when we hope to gather again and conquer new peaks!

About the Fundraiser for #VeteranSportsCarpathians


A week of vacation for a single soldier (including travel, lodging and meal) is $250, and a family vacation for a soldier costs about $500 (kids go free of charge).

To donate for VeteranSports:

  • Paypal:     UnitedHelpUkraine@gmail.com (leave a note: “VeteranSports”) or
  • Checks     payable to United Help Ukraine
    PO Box 83426,
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