FUNDRAISER: Winter Sports in Carpathians for Ukrainian Soldiers

1/15/2017 UPDATE: Report from the first group vacation is here!


We are always hoping that our soldiers would return home alive. And here they are. Home. Alive. Back from the war. Many are wounded, stressed, hunted by flashbacks and nightmares of the war… Others came back only for a while, for a brief rest, before returning to the frontline.

United Help Ukraine team is organizing a winter vacation for soldiers and their families in the Carpathian Mountains! We are excited to report that the first group of soldiers and their families will spend a week in the recreation center at the foot of Hoverla Mountain, starting January 1st, 2017! (1/15/2017 Update: Report from the first group vacation is here or here!)

Here is how it works:

  • In Ukraine, the program is coordinated by Vsevolod Stebliuk, a military doctor “Aibolit” (kids favorite doctor “Ouch”), who organizes and chaperones the soldiers and their families during weekly sessions in Carpathians in a quiet recreational facility at the foot of Hoverla Mountain.
  • In USA, NPO United Help Ukraine donates money and organizes fundraisers for the program.

To make the first session possible, UHU team’s families already donated $2,000  of their own money.

We calculate that a week of vacation for a single soldier (including travel, lodging and meal) is $250, and a family vacation for a soldier would cost about $500 (kids go free of charge).

We hope, that with your help, we can fund several vacation trips and rehabilitate up to 20-30 soldiers with their families in the Carpathians during this winter season.

The program includes:
1. Travel, meal and lodging in a recreational base in the mountains
2. Winter sports (skiing, snowboard, sleds)
3. Warm friendly environment

1. You will receive a thank you note from ATO soldier
2. You will be invited for a skype conference call with the group of soldiers at their stay (provided reception is good in the mountains)
3. Your donation to UHU is fully tax-deductible: UnitedHelpUkraine is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

To donate (please make sure to leave memo VeteranSport):

  • Paypal: (note: “veteransport”) or
  • Checks     payable to United Help Ukraine
    PO Box 83426,
    Gaithersburg, MD 20878
    memo “veteransport