June 1, 2023

On October 30, 2016, team UHU, local and visiting Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine came out to support 4 Ukrainian soldiers and their support team who ran with them. These men and women from Ukraine didn’t just run the 10K, a part of the US Marine Corps Marathon. They ran for all of Ukraine, to show that this country is strong, united, and regardless of any hardships, even with missing limbs, you can have a tremendously important role and unbreakable spirit! A spirit that encourages many of us! Today these Heroes showed America how Russia treats its neighbors, and may everyone who supports Russian regime or just purely prefers to remain quiet during this bloody war see them and see their will!

Vadym Svyrydenko, Vadym Maznichenko, Dmytro Fesenko, and Pavlo Stepanov, you are absolutely admirable and we remain grateful for your service and your invincible spirit!Thank you everyone who came today to support Ukrainian Heroes!

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