June 1, 2023

Young students of The Lutsk Art School, Volyn Region, prepared the Christmas and St. Mykolai themed collection of drawings to be sent across the Atlantic Ocean to the Washington, DC area. The auction of kids drawings took place during the Ukrainian School Holiday Bazaar and Mykolai Show on December 17th, held at Holy Family Ukrainian Catholic Church in Washington, DC. All proceeds from this auction will go to buy life-saving medical supplies, vitally important IFAK components, such as QuikClot haemostatic gauze and CAT tourniquet.

Kids portray guardian angels and St. Mykolai, who come at night to bring kindness and happiness to everyone. In the video, they talk about how everyone has a guardian angel and they believe that soldiers in Eastern Ukraine are also protected by their guardian angels. These children know that soldiers protect them and all of Ukraine, so they want to help the soldiers by drawing these angels. They just want the war to be over, they want these heroes to come back home, and they want everything to be the same again.