Warm clothes shipped to front lines

One of the main initiatives of United Help Ukraine is to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian defenders at the front lines.   Due to the very tough living conditions and cold winter weather warm clothes and medical supplies are needed in larger quantities than currently provided by the government.   Our “adopted” soldier Max (who[…]

Boxes with thermal underwear and uniforms received by ASAP Emergency Medical Service Khottabych

Two large boxes with thermal underwear and uniform pants and shirts have been received by volunteers of ASAP Emergency Medical Service Khottabych and will soon be delivered to the front lines. Thanks to volunteers of ASAP EMS Hottabych and Yuliya Murashko​, Tamara Rudolph​, Геннадий Мурашко​, Yuri Yankovski​!

10 pairs of boots, 15 uniforms, thermal underwear , t-shirts, socks, hats to be delivered to the East

Volunteers in Ukraine received 10 pairs of boots, 15 uniforms, thermal underwear, t-shirts, socks, hats from United Help Ukraine. Everything soon will be delivered to the East for the Volunteer Battalions. Thanks to Sasha Krushevskaya​, Олексій Тараканов, Marina Baydyuk​.

Uniforms, boots, t-shirts, and thermal underwear for two battalions (video)

The following necessities, supplied by United Help Ukraine, are on the way to be distributed between two volunteer battalions in Ukraine: 2 boxes of military uniforms, military boots, 3 boxes of new T-shirts and thermal underwear. Video greetings from volunteers on the ground. Ukrainian volunteers Yuliya Severyn and Boris Penchuk thank UHU volunteers for their[…]