Educational games for schools that are close to the front line

Part of the money raised at the event on February 23 was collected to buy educational Ukrainian language material for schools in Donbas and Crimea. For this, we partnered with Ukrainian organization Не будь байдужим​ (Don’t be indifferent!) who bought 120 sets (4,800 hrv total) of fun educational puzzle game for kids “Мандрівкa Україною” (Ukrainian Journey). While playing[…]

Two large boxes with Christmas gifts for children arrived in Mykolaiv

Two large boxes with backpacks, lego blocks and other toys for 18 children of Fallen and Wounded Ukrainian Heroes from Mykolaiv Region have been received by volunteers in Ukraine. The volunteers already presented the gifts to some kids and are going to travel around the region in the coming days distributing the rest of them.[…]

5 boxes for 37 children from Kramatorsk Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation arrived in Ukraine

5 boxes for 37 children from Kramatorsk Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation arrived in Ukraine. Volunteers will travel to Kramatorsk on December 25th. They are happy and excited and plan to dress up as Santas and create a real holiday for the kids.       Thanks again to everyone who purchased the gifts and helped us[…]

Your Christmas gifts are on the way to Ukraine!

Friends,   We want to provide an update on our project “Christmas gifts” for children. The weekend before Thanksgiving, four of our UHU volunteers gathered to pack gifts and prepare for the shipping. It took them over 6 hours to sort the presents and pack them into 18 boxes. In addition to the gifts purchased[…]

Six veterans and their families spent vacation on the Azov sea

United Help Ukraine continues to support its Family-Focused Therapy program and sponsored yet another trip of Ukrainian soldiers and their families. The group that included six military families spent six wonderful days at a resort in Berdyansk, on the Azov Sea. This trip was held from September 29th to October 4th. (The previous three groups[…]

Vacation in the Carpathians for veterans and their families

   It’s a pleasure to see the war veterans smiling and playing with their kids during a week-long summer retreat in the Carpathian Mountains. Once again, thanks to our donors, United Help Ukraine was able to sponsor the family rehabilitation program for veterans and their families. The program is designed by war doctor Vsevolod Stebliuk[…]

Supplies for the post-surgery care for two orphans from the ATO zone

Doctor Roman Zhezhera from the National Children’s Hospital OkhMatDyt in Kyiv contacted United Help Ukraine with an urgent request. He performed the laparoscopic splenectomy on two orphans from the ATO zone who were suffering from microspherocytic anemia. The kids required endobags for their post-surgery care but the hospital did not provide them. United Help Ukraine[…]

Help delivered to the Slovyansk Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children

In May 2017, United Help Ukraine received a request to help the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children in the city of Slovyansk, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine. With the funds from an anonymous donor and the help of Natalka Pisnya, who personally traveled to Ukraine and visited the Center, we were able to provide[…]

Winter’s Tale in the Carpathians – Part 2. Between Winter and Spring

By Vsevolod Stebliuk (translated from Ukrainian) It has been 3 months since we launched the pilot project of family rehabilitation for veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war. With the help of donors and charitable organization United Help Ukraine, the second group of veterans was able to come for rehabilitation in the Carpathian Mountains. And once again in[…]

Children from the Brody region received holiday gifts

Friends, this is one more update about Christmas gifts that you purchased via Amazon for children of fallen or wounded Ukrainian defenders. Right before the New Year holiday, 22 kids from the Brody region received holiday gifts, arranged through the United Help Ukraine. Before creating the list of gifts, our volunteers on the ground contacted[…]

Another report about the Christmas presents!

Volunteers from group “Children of Ukrainian heroes” had the idea that each child should find his or her Christmas present under the Christmas tree. So they did everything possible (and sometimes nearly impossible) to make sure the presents were delivered to the kids by New Year’s Eve. Then moms took photos of their kids with[…]

A new report from the Volyn region: Christmas gifts for kids of Ukrainian Heroes

Dear Friends, we received a thank you note and Christmas greetings from the Ukrainian volunteers who delivered toys, winter coats and warm clothes to 60 children of Fallen and Missing in Action Ukrainian Heroes from the Volyn region. These are the Christmas gifts that you purchased back in November and early December based on UHU’s[…]

UHU shipments with your gifts for children of Ukrainian defenders arrived just in time for the New Year Holiday!

Dear friends, we have the most exciting news for you just in time for New Year’s Eve! UHU shipments with your gifts for children of Ukrainian defenders arrived just in time for the Holiday! What did you do in the morning of the last day of the year? Here is how the day started for[…]

Update on Christmas presents for Ukrainian kids who lost a parent

This year the list of presents nearly doubled compared to a similar initiative we organized last year. We received nearly 500 items — toys, art sets, warm jackets, clothes  — from our supporters who selected personalized gifts from the Amazon list. All gifts were neatly packed into 23 boxes, and are on the way to Ukraine now (air shipment)[…]

Supporting the volunteer group “Children of Ukrainian Heroes”

United Help Ukraine has been supporting the volunteer group “Children of Ukrainian Heroes” since September 2014. During this time we shipped a lot of boxes with clothes and diapers for the children of fallen, wounded, or active Ukrainian defenders. However,  this shipment was much smaller than usual, only 6 boxes, but somewhat special. Three boxes[…]