Demonstration to #SaveOlegSentsov

.Washington, DC joined the worldwide campaign to #SaveOlegSentsov. Today marks the 20th day since Oleg Sentsov is on a hunger strike. His only demand is the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners that are held in Russia. People around the world come together in response to Oleg’s action, and his voice gets amplified. We hope that[…]

The 26th Ukrainian Independence Day celebration

Yesterday, on a beautiful sunny Sunday, the DC area Ukrainians and friends came to the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church to celebrate the 26th Ukraine’s Independence Day. The solemn ceremony honored the heroes who gave their lives to Ukraine’s Freedom, the soldiers who, at this very moment, defend Ukraine on the front lines. We celebrated[…]

2016 Heavenly Hundred Commemoration – Charity Concert

Heavenly Hundred Commemoration – Charity Concert by “Gerdan” This year marks the Second Anniversary of the mass shootings on Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity, Ukraine’s fight for Freedom. The Embassy of Ukraine in the USA, Gerdan and United Help Ukraine invite you to a charity concert to commemorate the Heavenly Hundred who gave their[…]