Surgical instruments, suture material, other medical supplies delivered to Oleksandrivsky hospital in Kyiv (video)

Surgical instruments, suture material, and a variety of other essential medical supplies have been delivered to Oleksandrivsky clinical hospital in Kyiv. Highly skilled doctors in the Oleksandrivsky hospital provide quality health care not only to Kyiv residents but also to people who were forced to leave their homes in the Donbas region. Doctors are extremely[…]

A thank you note from the Khodoriv City Hospital

United Help Ukraine received a thank you note from the Khodoriv City Hospital: “Khodoriv’s City Hospital is sincerely thanking volunteer organizations United Help Ukraine and Ukraine Ponad Usse for medical humanitarian aid. We hope to continue working with you.” Thank you Brother’s Brother Foundation for your amazing ongoing support with helping sending to Ukraine needed[…]

Medical supplies for Oleksandrivsky clinical hospital in Kyiv (video)

Surgical packs, suture material, bandages, and a variety of other essential medical “bits and pieces” have been delivered to Oleksandrivsky clinical hospital in Kyiv. Doctors are very grateful for these much needed medical supplies. Many thanks to Brother’s Brother Foundation for donating the supplies, to Tetyana Neeley for organizing and gathering the donations, toYuliya Murashko[…]

Suitcases of Medical Supplies for Ukrainian Hospitals

United Help Ukraine sends 2-3 pieces of luggage per month full of medical supplies In the course of the last two years United Help Ukraine covered “extra luggage” costs and arranged shipping for over 25 suitcases of medical supplies with people traveling to Ukraine. Each suitcase contained 50 pounds of medical supplies with monetary value ranging from $2,000[…]

Containers with Medical Supplies shipped to Ukraine (video)

Thanks to Brother’s Brother Foundation, United Help Ukraine shipped two containers of medical supplies to Ukraine! In the period from November 2015, United Help Ukraine shipped 2 containers of medical supplies estimated value of $250,000 each. The supplies were donated by the Brother’s Brother Foundation and were distributed to various hospitals in Ukraine, with a[…]

Delivery of carry-on medical luggage

Tanya Osipova: “Today I fulfilled an amazing mission: on behalf of my dear friend and volunteer Tetyana Neeley who initiated and organized the donation of this medical humanitarian aid, I handed a large amount of the medical equipment and instruments to the Center of the Welding of Vessels and Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation in[…]