“Cherven” — State-of-the-art treatment and strong personality of the commander give first positive results

Yuri Yankovski: Dear friends, here is our short fundraising report on the treatment of the commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army Battalion “Aratta”, Andriy Hergert. Together, we raised $6,643 via Facebook, PayPal, and bank transfers. The hospital where Andriy is being treated has invoiced €10,309 per treatment cycle. At the United Help Ukraine, we decided[…]

40-ft container with humanitarian medical supplies delivered to Irpin Military Hospital

This week a 40-ft container full of humanitarian medical supplies has been delivered to the Irpin Military Hospital, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine. The supplies included such valuable equipment as an endoscopic stand, intensive care beds, special medical monitors with life control function, pressure measuring devices, various surgical kits, and much more. This equipment is urgently needed[…]

Container full of medical equipment is on its way to Irpin Military Hospital (video)

  Last Friday, the work was in full swing at a Project C.U.R.E facility in Denver, CO. This marked the culmination of the exciting project that United Help Ukraine had in partnership with Support Hospitals in Ukraine and Embassy of Ukraine in the USA. Our representative Ruslan Zamaray traveled to Denver to join the Support Hospitals in Ukraine[…]

UHU raised 17K for shipping medical equipment to Irpin Military Hospital

  On Friday, June 7, United Help Ukraine presented a check for $17,000 to Support Hospitals in Ukraine for shipping medical equipment to Irpin Military Hospital in Ukraine.   Back in November 2018, UHU announced a new and exciting partnership with “Support Hospitals in Ukraine” to deliver a 40-ft container of medical equipment and supplies[…]

Help for the First Volunteer Mobile Hospital

United Help Ukraine helped with repairing and purchasing parts for medical transport (in the amount of $1000) for the First Volunteer Mobile Hospital. We would like to thank our generous donors who supported this project, and specifically those who contributed via facebook fundraiser https://www.facebook.com/donate/2209409555968189/ . The First Volunteer Mobile Hospital consists of volunteer medics, EMT personnel, and[…]

New Year vacation in the Carpathians

Friends, thanks to your support, once again United Help Ukraine was able to sponsor a week-long New Year vacation in the Carpathian mountains for a group of Ukrainian defenders and their families. This trip is the latest success of the Family-Focused Therapy Program for rehabilitation of warriors in Ukraine. It was organized by Vsevolod Stebliuk[…]