Dynamic Stair Trainer delivered to Military Hospital in Irpin

A few months ago, the Head of the Military Hospital in Irpin, Ukraine, has asked the United Help Ukraine team to assist in purchasing equipment for a newly established department of the amputee rehabilitation. The hospital urgently needed the Dynamic Stair Trainer that would enable amputee patients to train and practice different slopes, stairs, and gaits without changing equipment.
Since United Help Ukraine did not have enough funds for this purchase and due to the urgency of this request, we reached out for help to our partners Revived Soldiers Ukraine. Irina Vashchuk, the president of Revived Soldiers Ukraine, agreed to help with the funds. At first, we were looking to purchase the equipment directly in Ukraine. However, the $12,000 price of it in Ukraine was too high. After some search, we found a demo set DST for $5,000, and Revived Soldiers Ukraine paid for the set. United Help Ukraine took care of the shipping charges of $987. UHU’s member Tetyana Neeley helped with the purchase and coordinated the shipping. Ukraine – based NGO СВОЇ and Оксана Сухорукова helped with customs and delivery to the hospital.
As a result of this amazing partnership, the Irpin hospital is now equipped with the Dynamic Stair Trainer which is used daily by multiple patients with amputations to learn how to walk stairs again!